kualitas tinggi mesin pemotongan laser serat laser 3000W dengan harga rendah

Kualitas tinggi mesin pemotongan laser serat logam 3000W dengan harga rendah


Cutting Area:1.5*3m, 3000*1500mm
Cutting Speed: 70m / min
Format Graphic Supported: DXF, DXP
Aplikasi: Laser Cutting
Kawontenan: Anyar
Cutting Thickness:0.1-16mm, 1-16mm
CNC or Not: Ya
Mode Pendinginan: Cooling Banyu
Kontrol Perangkat Lunak: Cypcut
Papan Asal: Anhui, China (Dharatan)
Certification:ISO, CCC
Warranty:1 Year, 12 months
Name:CNC fiber laser cutting machine
Laser Power:2000W
Cutting materials:Stainless Steel/Carbon steel
Driving system:Servo MotorLaser

Gambaran Produk

Fiber lasers are the newest development in laser cutting. The laser beam is created by an active fiber and transmitted over a transport fiber to the machine cutting head. Fiber lasers are significantly smaller than CO₂ lasers and generate twice as much power from the same amount of current. A fiber cutting system is primarily suited for processing thin to medium-thick sheet metal. It also cuts non-ferrous metals (copper and brass).
CNC fiber laser cutting is are capable of processing various metal types and play an essential part in industrial and commercial activities.

Automobile manufacturing, car decoration
Its 50%-70% components are made by laser processing. At the same time, in terms of automotive decoration, laser cutting machine meets the needs of personalized customization with its flexibility, precision and adaptability.
Peralatan mekanik
The application of laser processing technology in the manufacturing of mechanical equipment includes laser welding, laser cutting, laser drilling, laser surface treatment, laser material increasing manufacturing and so on, in which laser cutting accounts for more than 70% of the total output of laser processing.
Peralatan listrik
Laser cutting machine in the electrical industry is mainly used for the appearance of sheet metal parts and assembly of electrical components, thin steel parts cutting.
Hotel kitchen equipment
The use of laser cutting technology in hotel kitchen equipment not only makes the processing speed, efficiency and cost low, but also improves the cutting precision of the kitchen utensils, improves the quality of the products, and shortens the production cycle.
Elevator equipment
Laser cutting technology has won the favor of the elevator industry with its extremely fast cutting speed and cutting quality.
Advertising logo
The beautiful billboard is made of laser technology, in the advertising industry, the use of fiber laser cutting machine is the most, light, sound, action and other magical effects of laser technology performance thoroughly.
Sheet metal making
Laser cutting machine has brought about a great technological revolution for sheet metal processing.  Good Quality 500W 750W 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W 4000W Metal Cutting Laser Cutting Machine
         Specifications of ECO-FIBER-1530
Output Power
Cutting Area
1500 * 3000mm
Laser Gelombang
Air Cooling
Max Speed
70m / min
                                              Max Thickness
16mm(Carbon Steel)
10mm Stainless Steel
8mm Copper
Min Kerfs
± 0,03mm
Drive mode
AC servo motor
power consumption
≤4.5 kw
Approx 4500KG
Floor space